I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… for his love and faithfulness…without him, I am nothing… and for showing me that I can do all things through him who gives me strength!

I’d also like to thank some very important people who have been a blessing to me.

In no particular order…

My parents, Valentine and Winona Rosete Sr., for all of your continued love and support. (We lost mom to cancer nearly nine years ago, but she still remains a driving force in my life… I love you and miss you so much!)

To my wife, Patty, for your unwavering love, for always believing in me, for your patience and understanding and for all the late nights and countless hours you’ve stayed awake answering my e-mails.  My children, Shay, Dani and Ka’imilani, for all the times that you reluctantly came with me to my weddings, just so I wouldn’t be alone on my drives…You are my everything!

To my brothers and sister, my nieces and nephews…You all mean the world to me and I love you all very much!

To the wedding coordinators and all of my colleagues in the industry who have been faithful in your support of me, thank you for all of the bookings and referrals… You’re all a blessing and I am truly grateful for you all!

To all of the couples who entrusted me with their ceremonies… Thank you for sharing your special moments and giving me some awesome memories!

And of course, my big brother Vance… Thank you for believing in me from the very beginning and for your continuous words of wisdom and encouragement… Stay warm, I love you, bro!

Mahalo and God Bless you all,

– Tino

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